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Rehearsal Studios Perth

Professional Rehearsal Studios in Fremantle

Our focus is providing professional facilities in a safe and inclusive environment that complement the song-writing process, taking that melody in your head to the airwaves.

Music Rehearsal Studio Fremantle

Rehearsal Studio

We aim to provide quality spaces to write, jam and prepare for your next gig.


Every studio room has been custom designed and built to allow our artists to extract the most out of their sessions - high levels of isolation between rooms, acoustic treatment to allow you to actually hear the tone of your amp amongst the wall of sounds from the others in the room, high-spec PA and access to quality backline.

All of our rooms and gear are meticulously maintained. 

We offer 3 types of studio room for your rehearsal - small, large and the deluxe.

Large Rehearsal Studio Perth

Deluxe Rehearsal Studio

Large Rehearsal Studio

Small Rehearsal Studio

Measuring 6 x 7m,  the Deluxe Studio is the largest of our rooms (for now) and is our most popular. and identifiable studio  It comes equipped with:

  • Allen & Heath Zed16FX mixer,

  • EV 15ZLX speakers,

  • Yamaha DBR15 foldback

  • 3 x Shure SM58s microphones

  • 3 x Tama MS736BK microphone stands

  • 4 x Amphenol XLR cables 

  • 1 x Keyboard stand

It has been acoustically designed and built to blur the lines between rehearsal space and the live room in a recording studio. To this extent, it is often used for recording!

Coming soon: interconnectivity with our production studio.

Measuring 6x4m, our 4 large rooms are the workhorses at Pen Cap Chew. Acoustically treated to hear the subtle tones of your vintage amp; isolated enough to be able to rehearse next door to the loudest rock and roll band in Perth without interruption. It comes equipped with:

  • Allen & Heath Zed14FX mixer,

  • EV 15ZLX speakers,

  • Samson RSXM12A foldback

  • 3 x Shure SM58s microphones

  • 3 x Tama MS736BK microphone stands

  • 4 x Amphenol XLR cables 

  • 1 x Keyboard stand

A large and professional acoustically treated and isolated working space for the bands comprising 4-5 people, or bands with big rigs.

Coming soon: interconnectivity with our production studio.

Measuring 4.8x4m, our Small Rehearsal Studios are built for the smaller-piece bands. Acoustically isolated and treated with the same attention to detail as all our other rooms,  it comes equipped with:

  • Allen & Heath Zed10FX mixer,

  • EV 12ZLX speakers,

  • Samson RSXM10A foldback

  • 3 x Senheisser e385 microphones

  • 3 x Tama MS736BK microphone stands

  • 4 x Amphenol XLR cables 

  • 1 x Keyboard stand

Coming soon: interconnectivity with our production studio.

Drum Rehearsal Space

Looking for a space to practice drums in Perth?


Perhaps you have an amplifier that only 'really works' when it is cranked? 


Pen Cao Chew Studios can accommodate solo (and duo) sessions at a highly discounted rates..

We aim to provide an affordable option for clients on their lonesome who need a space to practice as loud as they need. We have tried to keep this as affordable as possible to ensure access to a rehearsal space is available to all.

We can also provide backline hire for your solo sessions. Check out our Backline Hire gear!

Ludwig Drumkit Drumkit Perth Jam Room - Classic.jpg
Pre-Production and Recording Services

Pre-Production & Demos

How many song ideas have you lost to the space-time continuum? Is the little microphone in your iPhone struggling to keep up with immensity of your mates 412 quad box? Do you want to work on a specific part of the song but your band mates don't know which part you mean when you describe it as the bit that goes "di di dah dah"?

Our pre-production amenity allows our clients to MULTI-TRACK  their jams in high-fidelity, actively listen back through the PA with a push of a button at any time during their session, and then go home with the stems to mix if they wish.

This service is not designed to replace the faculty of a recording studio, rather complement and facilitate the transition from reheara


Need / want a sound engineer to help you demo a song? Perhaps you want a producer to help you craft the next banger?  We have aligned ourselves with a number of local sound engineers and producers, many of whom have recorded and / or produced prominent records in Perth, who we can reach out to assist you..

Quality PA

Our focus is on providing a professional and quality rehearsal experience. And this obviously extends to the gear that come as standard in every room.

Every room comes standard with:

  • 1 x Allen and Heath Zed10fx, 14fx or 16fx mixer

  • 2 x ElectroVoice ZLX12 or ZLX15

  • 1 x Samson or Yamaha foldback wedge

  • 3 x Shure SM58 or Sennheiser E835 microphones

  • 3 x Tama MS205BK microphone stands

  • 4 x Amphenol XLR cables

  • 1 x Keyboard Stand

Need more? No worries. See below for our backline hire options.

Backline Hire PA

Need Backline for your session?

Sometimes it's just easier not having to take the drumkit down, pack it in the car, unpack it from the car, load it into a room, set it up, take it back down, pop it in the car, drive back home, unpack it from the car, set it up again....

We have drumkits, guitar and bass amps and cabs from leading brands including Ludwig, Fender, Vox, Neumann and the like. 

Need something else? Let us know!

Rehearsal space and backline hire near me
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