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Recording Studio Perth

Quality Recording Studio in Fremantle

Our focus is providing professional facilities in a safe and inclusive environment that complement the song-writing process, taking that melody in your head to the airwaves.

Perth Recording Studio

Looking for an affordable option to record? Or perhaps you're keen to take advantage of the acoustics of our rehearsal rooms to track your next song?


Our production and recording facilities have been built and equipped for:

  • Bands / artists who have access to their own DAW and need a professional  space to track / record and mix in. 

  • Bands working with an on-site / mobile engineer in the pre-production phase or recording their next release.

  • Travelling / visiting / mobile sound engineers and producers requiring a professional space to work with local bands


Don't have a DAW? Or not sure where to start? We can introduce you to any number of local sound engineers and producers to record your song.

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Our Gear

Our Recording Studio is for the in-house(band) sound engineers, the bedroom producer, the visiting producer; folk looking for a safe and inclusive working environment to write, track, record and mix using quality gear to complement their DAW of choice.


In line with our commitment to providing an affordable recording studio option in Perth, we have tried to provide access to high-end gear that may not always be an option for many.

Our Recording Studio comes standard with:

  • Rupert Neve Newton Channel Strip - Preamp, EQ, Compressor

  • Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 interface

  • Soundtools Cat Rack

  • Yamaha HS8 monitors

  • Shure SM7b, Sennheiser 421

  • Neumann u87 (optional extra)

  • Komplete Kontrol S49 mk2 MIDI keyboard

  • 2No. BeyerDynamic DT 770 PRO 80 Ohm Professional Monitoring Headphones

  • Fender ‘65 Twin Reverb guitar amp

  • 34” Computer screen, keyboard etc

  • Connection to all the other Studios via Cat6 for complete isolation and control


Pre-Production & Demo Recording

How many song ideas have you lost to the space-time continuum? Is the little microphone in your iPhone struggling to keep up with immensity of your mates 412 quad box? Do you want to work on a specific part of the song but your band mates don't know which part you mean when you describe it as the bit that goes "di di dah dah"?

Our pre-production amenity allows our clients to MULTI-TRACK  their jams in high-fidelity, actively listen back through the PA with a push of a button at any time during their session, and then go home with the stems to mix if they wish.

This service is not designed to replace the faculty of a recording studio, rather complement and facilitate the transition from rehearsal to recording studio


This is a DIY service. Need / want a sound engineer to help you demo a song? Perhaps you want a producer to help you craft the next banger?  We have aligned ourselves with a number of local sound engineers and producers, many of whom have recorded and / or produced prominent records in Perth, who we can reach out to assist you..

Pre-Production and Recording Services

Need a Live Tracking Space?

Interconnectivity between every room at Pen Cap Chew Studios means that any studio space can be turned into a live room or control room. We can also facilitate videography from a central space thanks to many-a-metre of Cat6 cable throughout our premises.

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